Stoke City

Stoke City Football club, nicknamed The Potters (named after the pottery industry in Stoke-on-Trent), is considered, the second oldest British football league club. Established in 1863 as Stoke ramblers, their first documented game was held on 1868 against EW May XV. The name changed to Stoke City Football Club in 1878 after merging with the Stoke Victoria Cricket Club and adopting the red and white-coloured uniform. Fifteen years after its birth, stoke managed to enter professional football in 1885. Their home ground became Victoria Ground and it wasn’t until 1997 when they relocated to Britannia Stadium.
Stoke boasts of being one of the twelve football clubs that founded the football league in 1888. However, success does not come easy and though Stoke had won a couple of the country’s primary competition, they had to wait until 1972 to clinch the league cup.


Notable Wins and Loses

Despite Stoke’s lack of success, the club has had its fair share of victories. In 1972, they clinched their first silverware after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the League cup final. In 1992 and 200 marks Stoke’s victorious years after clinching the league championship. Stoke had one of their greatest victories in 1914 when they let 11 goals go into Stourbridge’s goal. Another notable victory is against West Bromwich Albion a rival team in 1937 with an outstanding 10-3 result. In 1926 they also got to beat Chelsea 6-2 in the League cup.
The first great defeat was suffered from Preston North End in 1889 after ten goals wen past them (The Potters). Bitter rivals Wolver Hampton Wanderers in 1890 in the FA Cup competition recorded a massive win when they let the ball hit the back of the net eight consecutive times without a response from Stoke. Chelsea also got to repay a previous defeat from The Potters with a seven nil mauling in the English premier league in 2010. They also have been victims of Liverpool’s thrashing in 2000 during a league cup where they suffered an 8-0 loss.
Top Players

Stoke City Football Club boasts of legendary players like Stanley Mathews and England’s World Cup Winning goal keeper Gordon Banks. As a matter of fact these players have been inducted into the City’s Hall of Fame opened in 2011 to honour sporting legends.
John Ritchie still is the clubs highest goal scorer with 171 goals in 12 (between 1963 and 1975) years of service to the club. Charlie Wilson and Arthur Griffiths tie as the leading season goal scorers with 38 goals.

Stoke City’s local rivals are Port Vale. They have played 46 games with stoke winning 19 and drawing12 matches. Despite being in different divisions, whenever these two clubs meet in the Potteries derby, it is always a tight and close game with very few goals being scored.
With Stoke’s rise to the premier league, there was a hard fought promotion with West Bromwich Albion and as a result, rivalry with this West Midlands outfit has increased. Additionally, there also exists another rivalry with Wolver Hampton Wanderers, a West Midlands Club


Most of the supports emanates from the local Stoke-on-Trent area. However, a number of exile fan clubs in London, Scandinavia, Australia, USA and Africa cannot be ignored. Stoke’s reputation had suffered a huge blow from football hooliganism in the recent past but improvements in behavior and enhanced reputation emerged after the introduction of an Away Travel ID scheme.
Now stoke fans are admired for their volatility of the clubs loyal support. They even have welcomed guests like Sugar Ray Leonard and Diego Maradona.

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